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The Amazing Living team is here to help you maximize your earnings through our 3x9 Matrix and bonuses.

Amazing Living Compensation Plan

Financial independence, freedom of time, complete control over how you spend each day of your life… these are goals you can achieve through Amazing Living’s business opportunity.

Whether you want the chance to earn a little extra income to help pay your bills or you want to build a career through a solid home based business, Amazing Living can help. We allow you to be your own boss and provide you with the compensation plan that you need to meet your goals.

From company events to personal support, our affiliates are put in a position to succeed. Our corporate team is committed to your success! 

Please review each component of our exciting compensation plan by clicking each of the tabs below.


Click here to view the Compensation Plan in a PDF document

3x9 Team Matrix

5% payout per level on the full Affiliate product price, up to 9 levels deep depending on affiliate status. Silver is paid on 3 levels, Gold 6 levels and Diamond and Diamond Ambassador on 9 levels. Commissions are paid out on product purchases by personally (directly) and indirectly sponsored affiliates or directly or indirectly referred customers, down to the numbers of levels that affiliate’s rank qualifies them for. Can place newly sponsored affiliates anywhere within open positions in your downline matrix structure.

Up to $200 per person!

The sponsor of a new affiliate earns 40% of the product purchase of a new enrolling affiliate. The sponsor's sponsor earns 10% of the product purchase of that same new enrolling affiliate. There is no limit on the number of affiliates that can be personally sponsored. These bonuses are also available to all affiliates as a sponsor or sponsor's sponsor of an affiliate who buys one or more Bonus Power Packs.   

Exciting Matching Bonus

Amazing Living will pay a 50% bonus of what is paid to direct personally sponsored Affiliates for their network (maximum of 9 levels) for any product sales commissions. To be eligible the affiliate needs to be a Diamond or Diamond Ambassador rank.

Matrix Payout (MP)

Amazing Living pays its commission based on the full affiliate price of the products. Shipping or Sales Tax on a given item are not including in money going back into the matrix.

Affiliate rankS

There are currently 4 affiliate ranks: Basic (when a member initially joins, and purchases $25 in a month to stay active), Silver (sponsor 1 person and purchase $25 in a month), Gold (sponsor 2 people and purchase $50 in a month), and Diamond (sponsor 3 people and purchase $75 in a month). See the commission plan for more details.

Rewards and more

Amazing Living allows affiliates to receive shares of stock in Amazing Living's parent company, Xalles Holdings Inc. (stock symbol XALL). Affiliate will earn Amazing Living Dollars for product purchases, sponsoring new affiliates and loyalty to the program. The Amazing Living dollars are convertible on a 1 to 1 dollar basis for shares of common stock in XALL as soon as the affiliate has accumulated 1,000 Amazing Living dollars.

Unique Revenue Sharing Plan

Diamond Ambassadors, of which there can only be a maximum of 100 Affiliates in this rank at any time, will share in 1% of Amazing Living's matrix revenue on a monthly basis.

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